Tribal Tattoos - A Tattoo Style
Tribal tattoos, as the name suggests, means tattoos that were, and still are, worn on the body by the various ancient tribes, such as the Maoris and their likes.

However, this type of tattooing became very popular during the 90's when the big metal bands made their entry into the singing world. Today, it's not just tribal armbands - there are back tattoos, stomach and chest tattoos and even tribal ankle tattoos that are big news in the tattoo world. You'll see them everywhere, from clubs to people's partypoker display pics. Each carries it own significance that can be very personal to the tattoo wearer. 

What do you think of when you hear "tribal" tattoo? Most people think of the classic jagged wavy tribal design that heralded the 1990's tattoo craze. Contrary to popular belief, there are many different tribal designs available. Many ill-informed tattoo "beginners" simply aren't aware of the various designs. As a result, many settle with the tribal armband. With a little exploration, you can find a diverse collection of tribal tattoos that use the curves of the human body as its canvas.

Tribal tattoos all have several things in common: predominance of dark ink throughout the entire design, gratuitous use of wavy lines and circles, and the use of non-solid design for pictures. All of these elements give tribal tattoos a very unique identity. Where traditional tattoos are prided on strong detail and color, tribal tattoos seek the ultimate simplicity and ambiguity.

Tribal Tattoo Animals: Which one's for you?

If you want a pictorial tribal tattoo, your next challenge is to decide what animal or creature you want to depict. Maybe you already have an idea of what you want. Or, maybe you're completely lost. Don't worry- we'll set you straight about the most common tribal animals and their common meanings.

One of the most popular tribal animals is a hawk or bird. In almost all cultures, a hawk is recognized for wisdom, knowledge, prophecy and rightful war. Another very popular animal is the cat. A jaguar is seen as the harbinger of power and messages from the gods. The lion is associated with the sun, majesty, power and courage against adversity. Yet another popular animal is the snake, partly due to its spiralling design. The snake symbolizes reincarnation, fertility and good luck. Finally, dolphins are also very popular. Dolphins represent kindness, purity; redemption and intelligence. Here are some more animal meanings that you may be interested in for your tribal tattoo:
* Bears: primal strength and power, intuition, instinctive, motherly
* Boars/Pigs: good fortune, warrior ethos, protective, guardian, directive leadership
* Bees: Rebirth, immortality, messenger between the spirit world and physical world, order and community involvement
* Dragonfly: Shamanism, carefree living, optimism, happiness
* Hummingbird: Swift and decisiveness, optimism, good fortune
* Ram: Power, strong leadership, virility, fertility, accomplishment
* Wolf: Loyalty, guardian, perseverance, and intuition

If you want that wild design on your body, go for a tribal tattoo today!

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