The Meaning Of Tattoos

The word tattoo has different meaning for different men. Therefore, opinions on this matter vary from person to person. Many are of the opinion that the word "tattoo" reminds them of the sound that is produced when a tattoo is being made. However some opinions are of the more strange idea that the word tattooing had actually originated from the word "ta" which in Polynesian means "to strike".

In England, sounds strange but true, the word tattoo was present even before Cook had gone on his voyages around the world. The meaning of the word "tattoo" in English was the sound of the beating of drums. But it has to be noted, that both meanings, in Polynesian as well as in English, have their roots in Latin, which invariably means the act of striking something or beating repeatedly on a surface.

Celtic Tattoo art is a combination of some very different cultures. There are several Celtic tattoos that are over a thousand years old. Celtic tattoos are considered to be timeless creations that can never get old. When you decide to get a Celtic tattoo done, your tattoo artist would just change certain things, but keep the entire theme as it is. The tattoo artist would change things that will make sure your tattoo is unique and is not found on someone else's body.

Lotus tattoos symbolize religious meanings. There are many people who believe that lotus tattoos symbolizes LIFE because a lotus develops from mud and turns into something beautiful and eye catching. In a similar way, human life unfolds as well. Thus, it represents the struggles of life in its most preliminary form.

Another tattoo that is very common is the fairy tattoo. Fairy tattoos are quite popular amongst female tattoo enthusiasts, although there are many men who would love to get a fairy tattoo done on themselves. The word "fairy" originates from "fata,"( latin word) meaning fate. Thus, a fairy tattoo depicts destiny. This representation of a fairy tattoo reflects the various stages of life, and sometimes they can also remind you of your younger days.

Dolphin is a very womanly symbol. It's like a symbol of a girl transforming into a woman through puberty. When you look at the shape of it, the Dolphin tattoo design is curvy and fits the female body very well, especially curvy places like the lower back. It also looks quite futuristic as a design; these beauties have a body perfect for sliding through the ocean fast and easy, and this is why the futuristic dimension is so close to it.

Symbolism on the other hand is very important for a person who wears the tattoo. Even though we have many ways of modern communication today; symbolism still occupies a special place in our lives. Some symbols have deep significance to us or to others, depending on beliefs and personal lifestyle.
The symbol of every tattoo changes form person to person and culture to culture.

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